Elect David Berg


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When I say that I believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion, I’m not speaking in code. I’m not trying to covertly insert some other belief system. I’m not trying to scare you. So why should we be concerned about diversity,…

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Masks Revisited

In July, I wrote about my position on masks in our schools. Much has changed since then as the Delta variant of COVID-19 took hold. The day I posted my first message about masks, July 9, 2021, Pierce County was…

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David Berg is the Right Choice for Puyallup Schools

David and his wife, Carrie, have been a part of the Puyallup community for 20 years. They have raised three sons here, two who are Puyallup School District graduates and one who is member of the class of 2024. David…

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What Size Shoe Does Your Student Wear?

What size shoe does your student wear? I’m sure it seems like an odd question from someone seeking to be an advocate for you and your child as a member of the Puyallup School Board. When your child turned eight…

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Teacher Appreciation Week

I have loved seeing all the different, amazingly creative, ways that PTAs and Booster Clubs have found to show their appreciation for teachers this week. I’ve also loved the notes from teachers asking parents to update them on how the…

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