If you’ve worked with David to advocate for kids and would be willing to endorse him in his campaign for the Puyallup School Board, please let us know by completing our endorsement form.

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Organizational Endorsements

Washington Education Association – The WEA is the largest representative of public school employees in the state. David is the only candidate for the Puyallup School Board to earn the endorsement of the members of the WEA this year.

Pierce County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO – Organized labor delegates representing a wide range of careers in Pierce County voted to endorse David’s campaign for the Puyallup School Board. Puyallup School District students, and particularly those who participate in some of the District’s many Career and Technical Education tracks, graduate ready to begin careers with unions affiliated with the Pierce County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Personal Endorsements

I’ve known David for well over a decade, often working alongside him on volunteer boards and committees within the Puyallup School District. Our children participated in many of the same academic programs and extracurricular activities. Throughout this decade +, David led multiple initiatives to advocate for equitable funding, access, and identification strategies for highly capable students in our district’s QUEST and PAGE programs. He volunteers hundreds of hours annually to serve on school and statewide PTA committees, always a trustworthy and credible leader who thinks deeply and researches extensively before making recommendations or taking action. Puyallup School Board would be incredibly well-served, and all of PSD’s students, administrators, faculty, staff and families well-represented by this stalwart champion for excellence in public education. I proudly endorse David Berg for election to the Puyallup School Board.

Julie Davidson – President & CEO, JD Strategic Services for Leaders & Teams

David Berg would make an outstanding addition to the Puyallup School Board. He has worked to procure funding for education in Olympia, and he is a fierce advocate for meeting the needs of ALL children. He has a deep understanding of the challenges facing our school district, as well as the vision to make our system more responsive to the needs of children. I cannot imagine a better candidate for the Puyallup School Board than David.

Jodi Franks – Educator

David has worked tirelessly for children for years – it’s time he does so to benefit the entire district! I have worked alongside David on other projects and can attest to his strong work ethic, impeccable values, open mind and strong leadership.

David Berg has my vote!

Amanda Cuthbert – Early Childhood Education Coach

As a teacher, I’ve been to many school board meetings, and David has been a presence at school board meetings for years, listening and speaking up for students. He’s been a public school advocate and supporter with three children that have been through Puyallup Schools. David is kind, measured, analytical, and thoughtful in his responses to issues and people. He will be an asset to the board and the district.

Michelle Arnett – Educator

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